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  • 中考英语作文-体育

    2020-09-13 19:19 作文体裁


    My favorite Sports is basketball. It looks so cool in TV that I was crazy about those basketball stars ever since I was little.

    Basketball requires speed, height and skills. I run, jump, switch, and try to hit! All parts of my body are exerc is ed in th is sport. I feel that Im like wind flying in the playground for my goal, which makes me feel so GREat!

    Basketball needs quick reaction and dec is ion. When chance comes, it may d is appear in the next second. I should keep an eye watching as an eagle, decide and judge quickly as a leopard, and run for it as a wolf.

    Further more, basketball is a sports more than just exerc is ing, It needs team work. No one can play himself. A team should work together. So I learn to cooperate with others in th is game. I should understand what my teammate doing and what he needs me to do for him. On the other side, I should learn to show my teammate what I need. At the same time, I need to keep an eye on the whole game, knowing how is the situation of our team and how is the other team. It involved more cooperation and strategy.

    I played basketball more for about 5 years now. I make many good friends throught th is sports. It is proud to win honor for my team and my school. Also I enjoy all games with my friends. Basketball will be my best friends in the future and my best memory about school life

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